Thank you to recent course participants for sharing about their experiences. This page will continue to grow.

“I had a really great experience in this course. Andrea, you are one of the most responsive and thorough instructors I’ve had – including F2F courses! Every forum post response is timely and insightful, which creates legitimately engaging online discussions. That in and of itself is a reason to take this class, to model the structure and best practice therein. This course included really insightful, accessible, and robust [set of] readings I would not have discovered on my own. Andrea is a subject matter expert and a great facilitator. This class gave me exposure to colleagues around the world I would not interface with otherwise – I also made a connection with someone in my local area, and we are continuing the conversation after the end of the class! Thankfully, this class has a reasonable workload and balances concepts with practical applications. I am walking away with more knowledge as well as a class-built toolkit of resources I can fold into my teaching practice.”

– Colleen Sanders on “Information Literacy in Politically Polarized Times”


“This course was timely and relevant. It was well-structured with clear instructions and timelines. The readings and assignments were interesting and useful, and the workload was manageable (just barely!). The instructor’s contributions to the discussion were invaluable. I’m grateful for the opportunity to access the content and continue discussions after the official end of the class, especially since I had to miss the entire final week.”

– Erin Patterson on “Information Literacy in Politically Polarized Times”


“The course was great for creating discussion on the difficult topic of IL and media literacy. I found each week provided a great jumping off point to think critically about what I could do in my job to improve these topics. Andrea took time to comment on each discussion board and further the conversation. I would recommend this class.”

– William C. Walters on “Information Literacy in Politically Polarized Times”