What is Inquiring Teachers?

Inquiring Teachers offers professional development for librarians and other information literacy educators. It was established in 2018 by Andrea Baer, Ph.D. Andrea develops and facilitates all of these professional development opportunities. In addition to regularly scheduled online courses, Andrea offers online and in-person workshops for groups and institutions and one-on-one consultations regarding instruction. She also offers professional writing consulting.

What makes Inquiring Teachers unique?

Inquiring Teachers works from an understanding of teaching and learning as at once social and personal, shaped by our unique experiences and backgrounds as well as our local and global contexts. This professional development is unique in its emphasis on reflection and community and in its integration of learning research, accessible theory, and everyday teaching practice. To foster this environment, classes are small (no more than 15 people) and all participants are given ongoing personalized and detailed feedback.

What is the course format and structure?

All courses take place through the course management system MoodleCloud. Courses last between four and six weeks. Participants engage online asynchronously, but follow a weekly course schedule. Participants interact with one another primarily through asynchronous discussions. When possible, at least two optional synchronous online meetings are also scheduled.

Do you offer CEUs (Continuing Education Units)?

A four-week course is comparable to 1.5 CEUs, or 15 hours of professional development hours; a six-week course is comparable to 2.25 CEUs, or 22.5 hours of professional development hours. These courses are not accredited by IATEC or other agencies because of the associated costs and the size of Inquiring Teachers. If you need CEUs, please contact your institution for details on its expectations for qualifying credits.

Do you offer a Library Instruction Certificate?

Participants who complete the work for online courses earn a certificate of completion. Inquiring Teachers also partners with Library Juice Academy to support its Certificate in Library Instruction. All Inquiring Teachers courses count as electives for the certificate.

How much time should I expect to give to a course?

Though the amount of time that you give to a course is ultimately up to you, participants can expect to spend on average 3.75 hours/week engaging with all of the course materials and activities. For four-week courses this adds up to about 15 hours; for six-week courses it is a total of about 22.5 hours.

How do I register for a course?

Participants may register up through the first week of a course. Please email abaer at inquiringteachers dot com with the registrant name(s), email address(es), and the course in which they wish to enroll. Within one business day you will receive a registration confirmation and payment information. Payments can be made with personal or institutional credit cards or PayPal. If your institution prefers to receive an invoice, please indicate this in your email message.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payments can be made with any major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express) or through a PayPal account.

What other services beyond online courses do you offer?

Andrea offers online and in-person workshops for groups and institutions, as well as one-on-one consultations regarding instruction. Please contact Andrea at abaer at inquiringteachers dot com to discuss your needs and interests.